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Jasmin is feeling incredibly excited and fully prepared for her highly anticipated foot massage today. She has been eagerly anticipating this massage session for quite some time now, this massage will be a much-needed relief for her!

During the first few seconds of Jasmin’s booked foot massage session, everything seems normal. The masseur skillfully massages her feet, using expert thumb movements to work on her soles. However, things take an unexpected turn when Jasmin’s feet are suddenly chained and cuffed. But hey, she just shrugged it off, thinking it was just a fancy new protocol at the massage shop or a new massage treatment of some sort. As long as her tootsies are relaxed and refreshed, she’s cool with the whole foot bondage situation. Already enjoying a wonderful therapeutic foot massage, she feels completely relaxed when she notices that the masseur’s fingers start to move in circles around her wrinkled soles, and then they become sharper and more pointed, unintentionally causing her heels to feel a bit ticklish.

Jasmin bursts into uncontrollable laughter as the masseur tickles her feet relentlessly, leaving her overwhelmed with sensation before she can even ask him to stop. Her legs thrash about, desperately attempting to escape the tickling sensation on her feet. However, the foot collar is so tight that she finds herself unable to do anything except succumb to the delightful tingling pleasure caused by the foot tickles.

The foot tickles go from zero to tickle-licious as the masseur unleashes feather power! Those feather bristles are so soft and squishy, they practically tickle Jasmin’s soles into a frenzy! Jasmin is about to experience the tickle attack of a lifetime with a mini feather duster. Those bristles are definitely coming for her aching soles! Her feet go wild with tingles from the feather duster, making her squirm and scream with ticklish delight!

As Jasmin anticipates the synthetic feathers brushing her feet, she finds herself instinctively curling and crunching her soles. The feathers glide effortlessly over her feet, gently rolling and scraping against her wrinkled soles. Her excitement intensifies as she experiences the exhilarating sensation of extreme foot tickles. The hairbrush, with its firm long bristles, skillfully swirls around her feet arches, causing her to let out joyful screams. The new massage treatment can be quite overwhelming, with each little part bringing a different sensation. First, there’s the hairbrush, followed by the mini-scraper that resembles a rake. Finally, the electric toothbrush is used, which gives Jasmin an electrifying jolt of sensation. It’s so intense that she can’t help but scream in both pleasure and sensation.

She has never experienced such heightened sensitivity before. Despite feeling on the verge of bursting from the overwhelming sensations, she finds the massage treatment to be incredibly unique and addictive as it sends her feet into a frenzy of delightful sensations. Jasmin’s been waiting for this massage forever, and her tired feet are begging for more TLC (Tickling Loving Care!).

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jasmin POV Foot Tickled

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